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The Rebellion

Hello, my name is makayla fleek. About month ago, i lost one of my close friends to suicide because he was bullied at my school. So I’m going to try and put a stop to it. I know that tons of people have tried to do this before but I’m hoping that maybe the word will spread around. The Rebellion is the ability to stand up to the bullies whether you’re being bullied or someone you know. People are bullied every single day and well I’m fed up with it. Our loved ones are being bullied and other people that we know. So tumblr fans, i’m here to ask you, no beg you, too take a stand! If you see someone being bullied, get help or if you don’t want to get the grown ups involved or anyone else involved, then stand up too them yourself. Tell them too lay off. Or ask them how they would like it if they were bullied. I’ve never been so serious about anything, bullying needs to STOP and I’m here to make sure that happens. So all I’m asking is that if you see someone being bullied, too stand up for them and maybe reblog this so that the word can get out. Spread the word about The Rebellion! You just might be the difference between someones life and death. Suicide is no joke.

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